• Make a Statement

    Contrast, tone, colour and complimentary design coupled with professional work – that is what you can expect with David’s Carpentry Service.

    Davids Carpentry Service - Make a Statement

  • Striking Balance

    A quality floor can bring a new balance to a room. It is the unperceived center-piece.

    Davids Carpentry Service - Striking Balance

  • Quality Results

    Quality work is our trademark, from project planning, to execution, to quality control measures, and follow-up; we will be ensuring success each step of the way.

    Davids Carpentry Service - Quality Work

  • Choosing the Perfect Floor!

    Sometimes picking out the perfect wood grain for your new home or renovation can be intimidating. Call us today for more information or any advice you might need on this important decision.

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    Davids Carpentry Service - Wood Grains

  • Custom Flooring & Trim

    Contact us today for information regarding custom flooring and trim installations, we cover both modern and traditional designs.

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    Davids Carpentry Service - Professional Flooring and Trim

David's Carpentry Service
We do both commercial and residential flooring and finishing!

We serve Saskatoon and the surrounding area, and we specialize in new home finishing and interior renovations. If you have either a small renovation or a large multi-stage renovation project you would like to have done, give us a call and we can help you get through the process. We have a reputation for quality work, and excellent customer service.

We cover everything from large-scale commercial projects to small home renovations. Give us a call today and let us know what you are looking for.

If you are a commercial developer, make sure to review our Commercial Page.

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Hardwood Flooring

We do custom installations using premium engineered hardwood. Get professional results with our experienced staff, and enjoy the peace of mind that you are making a timeless investment.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a great way to minimize product costs while pursuing a professional look and feel. Laminates also provide a wider range of colours, designs and textures. Durability, flexibility, and moisture resistance are key considerations. Call us today for more information on your laminate flooring options.

Professional Trim

Not to be confused with a good hair-cut, having quality trim installed provides a space with a finished look. Our trim work includes:


  •      Crown-Moulding
  •      Baseboards
  •      Casing (windows and doors)
  •      Wall Frame Moulding

Interior Finishing

For a more comprehensive list of our interior finishing services contact us to discuss the details of your project.

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David U.

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Subfloor Work

Quality begins with the stuff you don’t see, like the sub-floor. Addressing issues in the sub-floor increases the longevity of a flooring installation, and reduces the chance of developing creeks.

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Quality Takes Focus

Quality requires focus.

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An Eye for Detail

Finishing requires precision, and double-checking critical measurements.

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Hardwood – Stairs

Our technicians are experienced with updating stairs.

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Engineered Hardwood Installation

We use industry standard techniques, proven workflows, and quality tools to ensure professional results!

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